The Manusmªti is the most important and earliest met-rical work of DharmaÐÁstra textual tradition of Hinduism. It is a standard work on Hindu law. Indian tradition unani-mously regards Manu as the first progenitor of the human race and also its first legislator. This Manu was believed to the founder of the social and moral order of society. Trac-ing backwards from the Smªtis to the Vedas we found the consciousness of Manu’s being the first law giver present in every epoch of Sanskrit literature.

Dr Narasingha Charan Panda (N.C. Panda), Associate Profes-sor in Sanskrit, Vishveshvaranand Vishvabandhu Institute of Sanskrit and Indological Studies Panjab University, Sadhu Ash-ram, Hoshiarpur, is well-known in the field of Indological Re-search

Publication Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Author Dr. N.C. Panda
ISBN13 9788180903496
Language English-Sanskrit
Pages 933
Edition 2nd
Year 2018
Binding Paperback

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MANUSMRITI : Text with Sanskrit Commentary & English Translation

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