The Archaeological Excavations of many pre-proto and early historic sites by the State Department of Archaeolo-gy and Museum brought to light a number of metal ob-jects including iron objects as grave goods from megalithic burials. Very few number of copper objects were recov-ered from neo Chalcolithic sites. Ex:- Budigapalli, Chin-namaruru , Guthikonda , Hulikal, Karapakala, Polkonda etc., places. A sequence of Neo Chalcolithic culture with an overlap of Iron Age is unique in this region of south India. Iron Age is represented more prominently by the megalithic burials in the Andhra Pradesh. Stratigraphic ally, the megalithic phase over laps the earlier Neolithic phase and Iron Age cultures was followed by early histori-cal cultures. From the very few available C14 dates it can be deduced that the origin of Iron Age cultures in this region was around 1100 to 1000 BC, along with megali-thism and iron making technology. This phase continued up to early historical levels. Prior to this abundant availa-bility of iron ore gave scope for the development of iron tool making. The scientific studies of these archaeological metal finds were not carried out even though the archaeo-logical reports appeared in the form of mono graphs, annu-al and PhD thesis publications. Hence, an attempt was made to study the metal tool manufacturing technology through Archaeometallurgical studies. The evidence of the earlier iron smelting in this part of south India is sup-porting the indigenous origin theory of iron making tech-nology. The present study revealed that iron entered the productive system of India by C.1000 BC.

Born on 08-09-1954 at Gudivada, Krishna District in Andhra Pradesh, Dr. K. Gayathri Subrahmanyam, daughter of P. Gurun-adha Sastry and Subrahmanyeswaramba, had received her school and college education at Gadwal in Mahaboobnagar Dist., and Khammam town. She perused her Post-Graduation in Organic Chemistry in the Post Graduation Centre at Warangal and took her M.Sc., degree in 1976 from Osmania University, Hyderabad.
Publication Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Author Dr. K. Gayathri Subrahmanyam
ISBN10 8180902277
ISBN13 9788180902277
Language English
Pages 185
Edition 1st
Year 2014
Binding Hardcover

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Archaeometallurgy in Proto and Early Historic Periods

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