This well-researched work on Islamic Architecture of the period of great Mughal Emperors of Indian sub-continent is an updated encyclopaedia of its own kind being the third
of the three volumes set. It deals with the concepts of Islamic Architecture and its evolution in terms of its perfection during the Mughal rule in medieval India as it was blended with subtleties of Iranian temperaments, delicacy in the dome, its high raised neck and use of Peshtaaq in the portals and facades, laying out of chaar-bagh gardens around etc. This work contains architectural features of the edifices which are considered among the most beautiful buildings of the world Separate chapters have been devoted to the marvels authored by Mughal Emperors and Later Mughal Kings to make a differentiation on the basis of style and material. A little touch of political history while describing the essence of architectural styles, and factors responsible for blending between different styles, makes this book worth reading. Meticulously done plans, high resolution color photographs on glossy art paper and lucidity in the narrative are some of the characteristics of this work. Much has been written on Islamic Architecture but since the invention of modern gadgets of documentation and assistance of digitized photography and color printing the presentation in the field of art and architecture has made this work more eloquent. it is a good research tool for art lovers in general and those who have genuine interest in Islamic Architecture in particular. It will surely carve out a good recognition world over. 

Dr. G. S. Khwaja born on 1956, is a serious scholar of Arabic and Persian Epigraphy, Medieval Numismatics , Islamic Calligraphy and Architecture, trained under Late Dr. Z.A. Desai. A post graduate in Arabic and also in Persian Literature, Dr. Khwaja obtained his post graduation degree in Journalism and then Ph.D. in Hadith Literature from Nagpur University. He did his Advance Diploma in Mass Media from JNU, New Delhi.
Author G.S. Khwaja
ISBN13 978-81-8090-294-9
Language English
Pages 312
Binding English

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Encyclopaedia of Islamic Architecture: MUGHAL PERIOD

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