Edited by P.C. JAIN

A vision of India's earliest known past as reflects in her creative endeavour the specimens of which begin ap-pearing some twelve thousand years ago on the walls of the nomad's rock-shelter, his first home as also the ever first to breed in him a feeling of belonging, the Indian Art and Architecture, the first of the series, covers in its thir-teen chapters thirteen major styles of Indian art and ar-chitecture. It incorporates the material well researched by eminent scholars over past fifty years. The book begins with the study of rock-shelter drawings, mainly those discovered from the rock-shelters of Bhimbetka near Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, now a world heritage site. India has thousands on rock-shelter drawings but rare In splendour Bhimbetka is not only the largest complex of rock-shelters and the largest concentration of pre-historic art but also presents the widest range of themes that rock-shelter drawings have anywhere in India or rather In the world. Hence, the book's focus mainly on Bhimbetka. The book has been enriched and embellished with a number of plans, illustrations in coloured and black and white.

P. C. Jain, the editor of ‘Heritage of Indian Art’ an instinctive poet, linguist and aesthetician, began his career in 1961 as a university teacher. Later he shifted to Journalism and then to active politics. After over two decades of hectic political life he dedicated himself to writing, his initial occupation he had as teacher and as journalist. Besides contributing over sixty monthly newsletters, each comprising over 4000 words, on a wide range of subjects: art-history, monuments, archi-tecture, aesthetics religion, history among others, to a web-magazine , he has written a number of books on subjects related to art, art-history, monuments.

Publication Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Author P.C. JAIN
ISBN13 9788180903625
Language English
Pages 342
Binding Hardcover

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