Besides the sporadic forays made into the realm of contempo-rary north Indian temples by few authors the above terrain remains more or less historicized, undocumented and under-explored. ‘Rejuvenation of Nagara Temples in the 19th and 20th Century (with special reference to Yamuna Par Plain)' aims precisely at this shoal of temples from the region of Delhi to Agra covering a cluster of thirty temples belonging to the previous two centuries. Analysis of art and architectural minute of the temple edifices has been the prime concern of the work. Moreover regional ramifications, the effects of Dravidian, Orissan artistic and architectural forms, along with foreign influences which have made the Nagara temples truly eclectic too have been looked upon.
For the purpose of micro-study the research has been circum-scribed to the past two centuries although the history of tem-ple art and architecture has been traced ever since the onset of the Mauryan Age up to the 18th century navigating through all the modifications, additions and impositions that the Naga-ra temple was subjected to. Apart from the study of temples the work also explores the various agencies that have affected the temple structures. How temples have functioned as sepa-rate economic units in the above time bracket too has received attention in the present work, although it remains largely tangential.
Saranga Batra has done her high school from Presentation Convent Delhi followed by her Bachelors and Masters (Ancient Indian History) from St. Stephen's College, Delhi University. She has re-ceived several certifications in History of Art (NMI), Journalism (Manchester), German (NMI) and Computers (NIIT). Her doctoral thesis titled 'Rejuvenation of Nagara Temples in the 19th and 20th Century (with special reference to Yamuna Par Plain)' has been accomplished from the Institute of National Museum; under the supervision of Dr. B.R. Mani (Additional Director General, ASI). Sa-ranga Batra is presently working as an Assistant Professor in Shaya-ma Prasad Mukherjee College (Delhi University) in the Department of History.
Author Dr B.R Mani, Saranga Batra
ISBN13 978-81-8090-335-9
Language English
Pages 204
Binding Hardcover

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Rejuvenation of Nagara Temples: (With Special Reference to Yamuna Para Plain) 19th & 20th Century

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