This well-researched work on Islamic Architecture of Arabia, Central Asia and Iran is an updated encyclopaedia of its own kind being first of the three volumes set. It deals with the early concepts of Islamic place of worship, and its evolution in terms of formation and its summation as a well-designed masjid and also that of other religious and secular buildings like mausoleums, hospices, madrasas, palaces, forts, gardens, minars etc. This book throws light on different styles of Islamic Architecture in Asia, particu-larly on variations during the time of different houses of rulers in Arabia, Iran, central Asia, Anatolia and Iran. Separate chapters have been drawn to depict varieties of styles and material used under different dynasties and houses of Seljuq, Ilkhan, Ottoman, Safavi and Timur. A little touch of political history while describing the essence of architectural styles, and factors responsible for blending between different styles, makes this book worth reading. Meticulously done plans, high resolution color photo-graphs on glossy art paper and lucidity in the narrative are some of the characteristics of this work. Much has been written on Islamic Architecture but since the invention of modern gadgets of documentation and assistance of digit-ized photography and color printing the presentation in the field of art and architecture has made this work more eloquent. it is a good research tool for art lovers in general and those who have genuine interest in Islamic Architec-ture in particular. It will surely carve out a good recogni-tion world over.

Dr. G. S. Khwaja born on 1956, is a serious scholar of Arabic and Persian Epigraphy, Medieval Numismatics , Islamic Calligra-phy and Architecture, trained under Late Dr. Z.A. Desai. A post graduate in Arabic and also in Persian Literature, Dr. Khwaja obtained his post graduation degree in Journalism and then Ph.D. in Hadith Literature from Nagpur University. He did his Advance Diploma in Mass Media from JNU, New Delhi.

Publication Bharatiya Kala Prakashan
Author G.S. Khwaja
ISBN13 9788180902925
Language English
Pages 272
Edition 1st
Year 2014

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Encyclopaedia of Islamic Architecture: CENTRAL ASIA

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